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Our AI-based LipRead technology is currently being applied in three areas

SRAVI: Bringing a voice to the voiceless

Our smartphone-based lipreading app, SRAVI, is a communications aid for those who cannot speak. It’s being trialled in UK NHS hospitals with patients in ICU.

Patients with tracheostomies, laryngectomies and/or prolonged intubation have great difficulty speaking. SRAVI helps these patients convey important information quickly. SRAVI can also be used at home and to help with a range of speech debilitating conditions.

Keyword spotting in silent video, e.g. CCTV

Our LipRead technology can detect, in silent video, the occurrence of specified words or phrases.

LipRead can identify whether certain things were said, when an audio track is unavailable. We’re currently researching this in a DASA project involving silent CCTV footage that could assist law enforcement to use video footage more effectively in fighting crime. 


Research and development apps

We’re constantly reviewing how Liopa’s flagship LipRead technology can be applied in different ways, including:

Silent communicator – an app that understands your lip syncing in gaming or video calling

Speech activity detection – in cases where audio is not present, Liopa’s technology can ascertain if a subject is speaking

SDK and Cloud – developers can integrate lipreading in any app

More about Liopa's LipRead technology

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Mobile ready - just a smartphone needed

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Flexible vocabulary

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