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Our AI-based LipRead technology is currently being applied in three main areas

Improving the
accuracy of voice

Voice assistants such as Siri, Alexa or Google Assistant struggles to hear you in noisy, real-world environments.

ASR + LipRead = Improved results in speech recognition systems. 

Bringing a voice to
the voiceless, with
our app SRAVI

Tracheotomy patients or stroke sufferers may have lost their ability to vocalise sounds.

Using SRAVI app, they can communicate with their caregivers using just a smartphone, lip syncing from a list of phrases.

Pushing the
in diarisation

Using video analysis, LipRead makes traditional audio-only dilarisation more accurate. 

Get an accurate transcript of who is saying what and when.

Technology With Liopa LipRead

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AI Intelligence

LipRead employs a proprietary Machine Learning approach using Deep Learning. It can be ‘intelligently’ integrated with audio speech recognition technology, using dynamic weighting algorithms.

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Improves Accuracy

LipRead improves word accuracy in real-world/noisy environments to offer seamless, intuitive language-processing accuracy for enhanced voice user interface. 

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Enhanced Quality & Usability

LipRead can enhance the quality and usability of the Voice UI in shared offices, on the move, across the production line or at home. 

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