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About Liopa

Liopa is a spin-out from Queen’s University Belfast and the Centre for Secure Information Technologies (CSIT).

We were incorporated in November 2015 and are commercialising over 10 years of research in the field of Speech and Image processing with particular focus on the fusion of Speech and Lip movements for robust speech recognition in real-world environments.


The Liopa leadership team have a proven track record in founding and developing successful hi-tech software product start-ups. Our team combines expert commercial skills with in-depth knowledge of software architectural design techniques and development methodologies for highly resilient and scalable systems. We are leaders in the development of new techniques in the fields of image processing, facial, phoneme and viseme analytics.

About Us 1
Liam McQuillan
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Liam is a veteran of the Telecomms Software Industry with over 20 years of C-level experience in Hi-Tech startups. He co-founded AePONA (acquired by Intel in 2013) and APiON (acquired by in 1999) performed a variety of Leadership roles including CEO, COO and Head of Engineering.

About Us 2
Richard McConnell
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Most recently Richard was Director of Product Management at Intel. Previous to that he was CTO of AePONA (sold to Intel in 2013), COO & co-founder at Mobile Cohesion (sold to Aepona in 2008), Group VP of Mobile Carrier Products at Openwave and CTO & co-founder at APiON (sold to in 1999). He has also held a number of non-executive board positions with a range of emerging high-tech software companies.

About Us 3
Dr Darryl Stewart
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Darryl is a Senior Lecturer in Queen’s University Belfast’s School of Electronics, Electrical Engineering and Computer Science. He has over 15 years’ experience carrying out research into Speech and Image processing and is a recognised expert in the fusion of audio-visual data streams for robust speech recognition in real-world noisy environments.

About Us 4
Dr Fabian Campbell-West
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Fabian was previously a Principal Engineer at CSIT (Centre for Secure Information Technologies), leading multi-disciplinary R&D projects using data analytics. He has extensive experience working in startups both as a founder and as a consultant. He has worked in the field of computer vision for 15 years with experience in moving object detection, tracking and online learning. He has worked closely with Dr Stewart in the realisation of the current Liopa solution. He holds a PhD in Computer Vision.

About Us 5
Dr Alex Cowan
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Alex was recently a Research Fellow in CSIT (Centre for Secure Information Technologies). She has worked in the field of data mining and machine learning for over five years, with a specific interest in probabilistic graphical models. She holds a BSc in Mathematics and Statistics & Operational Research and a PhD in Statistics.

About Us 6
Dr Adrian Pass
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Adrian was previously a Research Engineer at Aurora Computer Services, developing state-of-the-art deep learning based AI for a number of applications including biometrics, OCR and object detection/classification. Along with a 13 year track record in signal processing and machine learning, he has extensive experience writing deployable software for a wide range of platforms from safety critical embedded devices to large scale UI based applications. He holds a BSc in Acoustics and a PhD in Visual Speech Processing.

About Us 7
Dr Michael Loughlin
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Michael is a Software Architect & Developer with 15 years’ experience in the productisation of early-stage technologies. He has deployed commercial solutions into the financial, healthcare, telecoms and security sectors. His specialisms include rapid prototyping, responsive distributed architectures, security-by-design and systems integration. He holds a PhD in Computational Fluid Dynamics.

About Us 8
Emily McDaid
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Emily began her career in technology communications at MIT in Tim Berners-Lee’s office in 2003.

Although her career began in Boston, she’s been based in the UK for nearly 17 years. After moving to London she began to develop her experience in the commercial sector, working for brands both large and small, including Nokia, Verint, Huddle, Doodle and Deutsche Telekom. Her speciality is in clarifying messages so technology can be understood and valued. 

About Us 9
Domhnall Boyle
R&D Engineer
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Domhnall graduated in 2019 with a MEng in Computer Science from Queen’s University Belfast. He has experience in Machine Learning and Computer Vision which ranges from research to personal projects. He has completed a variety of placements in areas such as fintech, healthcare and security. Other experiences include app development, high performance computing and containerisation.

About Us 10
Andrew Ellis
R&D Intern
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Jack is a student at Queen’s University Belfast studying Software Engineering with his placement year here at Liopa. He has experience in a range of areas including programming in java, python, and C++ as well as proficiency in working with databases and SQL.

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