LipRead Cloud Service and SDK 1
Lipread cloud services and SDK

Add lipreading into your own application

LipRead’s Cloud Services and SDK enables any developer to integrate AI-based visual phrase recognition capability into any mobile application. 

A huge range of applications could use this feature – from mobile gaming, to voice commanded machines.

Lipreading could be a very useful communication app in very loud settings, such as factories.


Get started

Create an LRCS account

It’s simple for developers to get started simply by creating an LRCS account via our website

Develop a phrase list

Using video of their users mouthing phrases, the developer can define their own phrase lists

The app reads lips

Using the phrase list, the app accurately recognises the phrases that the user has mouthed, using only video of their lip movements 

Secure, real-time access

Developers will be provided with a secure authentication key to gain access to the LCRS API. Developers can access their services 24/7, and they can make changes to the phrase list at any time

Example application - "WhisperChat"

ChatCom Inc wants to create an app that allows friends and family to video call when one person is in a loud/public place and doesn’t want to speak

The ChatCom developer creates a LipRead phrase list (“I love you”; “Let’s meet up tonight”…) and then uses LipRead SDK to add LipRead

WhisperChat users can video call loved ones from a public place, listen to what they’re saying via their headphones, and mouth phrases back to them, having their phrases displayed on screen 

LipRead Cloud Service and SDK 3
LipRead Cloud Service and SDK 4

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