I was intrigued by an internship vacancy from Liopa, a company that, at its core, uses machine learning to effectively read peoples’ lips from videos. So I made an application for the role – and, after a successful interview, I happily accepted the post.

I have now been working at Liopa for a little over nine months. From creating custom neural network animations in Matlab, web servers using flask, making use of the Google Speech API, complete Web SDKs in JavaScript to creating custom data augmentation algorithms for videos in python, it is safe to say that every day is different.

I’m based in the Queen’s University Institute of Electronics, Communications and Information Technology  (ECIT) building. There are a number of options for lunch and coffee in the building or a mere stones throw away. Buying your own coffee can prove difficult as the CEO and COO are always buying coffee for the team, just one of many company perks.

Working at Liopa has been and continues to be a challenging yet rewarding experience. Employees are given a lot of flexibility and allowed to independently to work through issues for themselves without being micromanaged. Additionally, the company also has a strong desire to let employees grow by learning new languages, tools and frameworks. This is in order to achieve a company objective whilst simultaneously helping the team gain valuable knowledge and expertise.

Would I recommend an internship at Liopa? Absolutely!

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