Since I remember, philosophy of life and science, curiosity about the inner workings of things, and how to make this world a better place, were my main concerns.

Some background
At the moment, I am an undergraduate student at the Technological Educational Institute of Peloponnese, Dept. of Computer Engineering, based in Peloponnese, Greece. During my time there, I got heavily interested in Artificial Intelligence (AI). I got hooked on the science behind Machine Learning (ML), as well as its real world applications. This led me to wonder whether or not there exists any internship out there combining both the academic and the industrial aspects of my interests and at the same time align with my concerns as much as possible.

So, what’s a better place than a top-world university spin-out company; leveraging cutting-edge technologies and creating state-of-the-art Deep Learning Visual Speech Recognition engines that aim to improve voice-impaired people’s lives?

Seems like a combination of – if not all, most of my concerns, right?

Why working here is so rewarding
I’ve been part of Liopa’s Research and Development team for almost two months now. I could safely say – already, that the working and learning experience have far exceeded my expectations.

One of my favorite projects is SRAVI. This is an artificial intelligence-based app which is being used to enhance tracheostomy patients’ ability to vocally express themselves. Which is – for sure, a contribution in making this world a better place to live in. A very serious reason and motivation to work for.

Here, I’m constantly being exposed to a broad set of interesting problems, challenges and technologies. One important aspect of my everyday life here is to stay updated on the latest advances in the fields of AI and ML, as well as a lot of research and experimentation with new technologies. My learning and working experience ranges from pure mathematical problems, to computer vision, image processing, data visualization, GPU parallel computing and projective geometry to even web crawlers. These days, for instance, I’m developing a custom neural network video classifier – so exciting!

People here come from both academic and business worlds as well – with tons of years of experience. This academic-industry mixture, in combination with the from-nature challenging artificial intelligence problems the company tries to solve, makes working here even more fun, interesting and a “never-get-bored” environment. In addition, small relaxing walks with the teammates around the beautiful area of ECIT’s building is an everyday ritual. Not to mention the flexibility and freedom employees are given – in terms of their “working style”. As well, the company encourages an attitude of constantly inclining employees towards new skill acquisition and – ultimately their overall evolution. All in all, Liopa has simply built a great environment, with a powerful team, awesome and extremely smart people to work with!

Would I recommend an internship at Liopa?
Hands down this company has the most unique, challenging, cutting-edge and meaningful projects for an intern to work on.
Hands down one of the best places for an internship!

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