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Speech Recognition App for the Voice Impaired

SRAVI was developed as a communications aid for the voice impaired. It provides simple, instant communication to those who cannot speak, due to having a tracheostomy, stroke, trauma or other conditions. All the person needs is a smartphone. By lipreading, SRAVI tells their doctor, nurse or loved one what they are trying to say. Find out more at SRAVI’s dedicated website.

SRAVI is currently being trialled with NHS hospital patients, including ICU patients at Lancashire Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust, Altnagelvin Hospital in Derry~Londonderry, and hospitals within the Belfast Trust. 

Requires only a smartphone

The mobile app is deployed on commodity smartphone/tablets, making it very cost efficient, relative to bespoke hardware-based alternatives

It learns as you go

The supported phrase list can be updated because the system can learn new words as you use it

More than 90% accurate, and self-tuning

Continued use of the service will improve phrase selection accuracy. At least 90% of the time, the correct phrase is returned when it’s spoken from the phrase list

Improving well being

The frustration of being ‘voiceless’ is alleviated, allowing the user to communicate with the people around them, improving morale and improving health outcomes

Watch these short videos to learn more

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SRAVI Version 1.26

Date of Manufacture: 13 September 2021 

Manufacturer Contact Details: Liopa Ltd., ECIT Institute, Queen’s Road, Queen’s Island, Belfast, NI, BT3 9DT

App’s Intended Purpose: SRAVI is a mobile app that records a video of you mouthing a phrase. Using Liopa’s lipreading technology, SRAVI is able to convert your silent lip movement into text for a carer or family member to understand. SRAVI helps you communicate with people in an efficient and natural way.

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