Top 10 highlights of 2023: R&D innovation and commercial successes

As 2023 draws to a close, we’re reflecting on the achievements Liopa has celebrated this year. About these highlights, COO Richard McConnell explained:


“For us, this year was a combination of R&D innovation, forward technical progress, and commercial success. It was remarkable to see multiple evidence-based studies that have backed up the efficacy of our lipreading technology. We also earned a few awards and contracts that point to the strength of our team and our technology. Looking ahead, we’re really excited about an entirely new service launch we have planned in early 2024, offering a service that creates voice from videos by reading lips.”


The top 10 highlights of this year were:


  1. SRAVI was recommended in a UCLAN report which analysed the use of SRAVI at Royal Preston Hospital. The study report stated, “The use of SRAVI may equate to both cost and time saving benefits to the NHS, and an improved health service to patients.” – Read the full article here
  2. An evidence-backed SRAVI study was published in the peer-reviewed Critical Care Journal in June, which found that “SRAVI reads lips with at least 86% accuracy.” This paper was completed under the lead of Dr Shondipon Laha and his team at Lancashire Teaching Hospitals Foundation NHS Trust. Read about it here
  3. Liopa’s Senior Machine Learning Scientist, Dr Alex Cowan, was named IT Woman of the Year in the Belfast Telegraph IT Awards
  4. Liopa and SRAVI also won two awards: the Medilink Healthcare Business North of England Awards, in the “One to Watch” category; and the AAC Innovation Award
  5. SRAVI was featured in broadcast TV coverage by iTV News
  6. …. And also Euronews, which was syndicated all over the globe, including CBS News in the United States
  7. Vanderbilt Hospital in Tennessee, USA, started a feasibility trial of SRAVI. The app is being tested with patients who have had a total laryngectomy (TL), or complete removal of the voice box. Read more here
  8. SRAVI was accredited by ORCHA, an important evaluation and distribution organisation for digital health apps in use by NHS Trusts. The certifying body granted SRAVI an 88% approval rating. More info here
  9. Liopa published two series of thought leadership articles – the first is about AI and includes three parts. The second series (still ongoing) is about Computer Vision. Read AI, Part One, here and Computer Vision, Part One, here
  10. Liopa has made huge strides forward with a new service based upon our Visual Voice Generator technology. This exciting new offering will be available from early 2024. Read an introduction here and watch the below 2 minute video with samples.



“I’m proud that Liopa has made great strides forward this year, despite it being a tough year, financially, for a lot of organisations,” said CEO Liam McQuillan. “That being said, we’re still open to speaking with potential investors, especially ones who may be interested in the new service launch we have planned in a few months’ time.”


Of the new technology progress, CTO Fabian Campbell-West said, “Our new service, based on our Visual Voice Generator technology, is a completely unique offering – something that’s not currently available anywhere else. It uses AI-based lipreading in a whole new way. We’re confident that this offering will be useful to people, so we’re excited to get it into the hands of real users.”




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