What is Authentication Fraud?  Chief Technology Officer Dr Fabian Campbell-West of Liopa explains how Authentication Fraud can led to security systems being ‘spoofed’ into falsely recognising fraudulent user.

The solution?

Liopa’s specialism in the cutting-edge field of Visual Speech Recognition, and associated areas, has created three main applications for their products and expertise:-

  • Transforming Voice UI: Making everyday applications like virtual assistant, including Siri, Cortana and Alexa, in-vehicle voice control and smart home devices, ever better through improved accuracy. Liopa’s LipRead product uses visual reading and a proprietary machine learning approach for enhanced usability and quality.
  • Liveness Detection: LipSecure by Liopa brings real improvements to online and mobile User Authentication by confirming that a real person is present. Anti-spoofing technology asks a user to repeat an on-screen sequence of digits and is software-based for superb cost-effectivess.
  • Keyword Spotting: The power of the ability to identify occurrences of words/ phrases in video footage, bringing new capabilities to surveillance video analysis, broadcast monitoring and transcription.

Like any technology protecting systems a fraudster may be motivated to overcome, seeking out the very latest technology to frustrate their efforts can reduce risk of authentication fraud. By using the strongest aspects of existing technology and addressing the weaknesses of existing methods too, Liopa aims to provide greatly enhanced authentication standards for businesses and organisations.

The Liopa team includes proven expertise across commerce, software architectural design and development methodologies.

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