What’s next in video conferencing?

Video conferencing was rising before the pandemic and now it has become a ubiquitous form of communication – both at work and in our personal lives.

Yet we haven’t seen many advancements to video conferencing technology over the past five years. The basic functionality – while incredibly useful – has remained largely the same.

So, what next for the likes of Zoom, Google Meet, Microsoft Teams – what features can be added to differentiate these players in a crowded market?

We are researching and developing one such solution – our Silent Communicator app. It enables users to “speak” on a video call using just their lip movements, and their mouthed phrase appears as a message to all call participants.

How is this useful? There are several scenarios:

  • When the lead speaker is still talking, and someone wants to interject without dominating the audio
  • When a large group is on a call and needs to take a vote, or gain feedback
What are the benefits of the Silent Communicator?
  • More ‘natural’ than a separate chat channel, the Silent Communicator will allow call participants to contribute to the call while on mute
  • Hands-free, muted communication allows users to contribute while driving/traveling/working from a crowded place

Watch our 1 minute video below to see the Silent Communicator in action and please get in touch if you think this feature could be useful in your video conferencing. Email us at info@liopa.

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